Advisory Services

Clubhouse Capital frequently advises business and real estate owners, working closely with their attorneys, accountants and other professionals to resolve complex financial issues.


For clients acquiring either a business or real estate, Clubhouse Capital often negotiates and structures the acquisition and completes all financial and asset due diligence. For clients selling a business or real estate, Clubhouse Capital helps the client achieve a premium sale price without the risks that often result from advertising the sale on the open market. For both acquisitions and sales, Clubhouse can also arrange the requisite financing to help close the deal.


Clubhouse Capital is frequently engaged by companies entering a state or federal court insolvency proceeding, serving as the liaison between a business owner and an adverse party – whether that be a lender, a hostile partner, a landlord, or a key creditor. Clubhouse also frequently secures the working capital required to fund operations during the course of the insolvency proceeding, as well as the new capital that is often required to successfully exit the proceeding.


Clubhouse Capital has successfully assisted business and real estate owners with the analysis and resolution of a variety of issues such as:

  • researching of corporate shareholders in connection with a pending controversy related to the sale of an asset;
  • acquiring a mortgage loan to help a client gain an advantage over other auction bidders for the underlying real estate;
  • serving as the financial agent and board member for a borrower throughout the course of a lengthy bankruptcy proceeding;
  • completing market research to support a projected condominium sales model;
  • analyzing dozens of capital leases;
  • negotiating vendor/customer and licensor/licensee issues in connection with the settlement of complex litigation;
  • negotiating with a foreign government for a comprehensive and limited-duration entitlement process for a large-scale resort project.